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Hi! I'm Rylie. I'm a communication designer with a sprinkle of librarianship and information science: I approach design like a creative game of connect-the-dots with research. 

I believe that some of the best design solutions are rooted in unconventional places, and that every tangent is worth exploring, because even the smallest detail can serve as the foundation of a project. 

In my spare time I like to play a different game of connect-the-dots with my recently acquired collection of family history. When I come across a photo of a stranger or a letter from a long-lost acquaintance from WWII, I've made it a habit to find a descendant to retutn it to. I've had countless successes doing this – from sending high school photos of future Tuskeegee Airmen with their living mentees, to sharing my grandfather's elaborate written description of a Phillipine governor's home with that governor's great-grandson. I like the challenge, and in the end it might make someone's day. 

Whether it's a design challenge, a crossword, or a family history mystery – I like puzzles, what can I say?

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